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Leader player

in the development, production of micro-implants ensuring a controlled release of drugs in Ophthalmology

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Bausch & Lomb Official Distributor

We are the exclusive Bausch & Lomb’s Surgical products Distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg

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Humanitarian mission

Thanks to our technology, we are committed to provide developing countries populations, where glaucoma is the second cause of blindness, with unique treatments

From Idea to Market

EyeD Pharma manages the entire process, from the idea to the market including product development, manufacturing, non-clinical and clinical studies

Our history

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EyeD Pharma is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative drug products in ophthalmology.

We also distribute surgical products to ophthalmologists who need the highest quality of products for their clinical practice.


Inception of Eyed Pharma Inception of Eyed Pharma

Dec 2012

Inception of Eyed Pharma

EyeD Pharma is born to the combination of the clinical expertise of Prof. Jean-Marie Rakic and the entrepreneurial experience and polymer expertise of Prof Jean-Michel Foidart, Melanie Mestdagt and Marc Foidart.

EyeD Pharma was founded to answer to unmet clinical needs in ophthalmology by offering patients intra-ocular implants able to release drugs in a very precisely controlled way for several years to remove compliance issue and avoid degradation of the pathology.

Birth of TimoD – First Capital Birth of TimoD – First Capital

Year 2015

Birth of TimoD – First Capital

  • First prototype of EyeD Pharma’s first implant: TimoD
  • 2M€ Seed Capital financing round, mainly subscribed by founders and ophthalmologists
Partnership with Bausch & Lomb Partnership with Bausch & Lomb

Year 2018

Partnership with Bausch & Lomb

EyeD Pharma becomes exclusive distributor of Bausch & Lomb‘s surgical products in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Inception of UniD Manufacturing – 28 M€ Capital Increase Inception of UniD Manufacturing – 28 M€ Capital Increase

Year 2019

Inception of UniD Manufacturing – 28 M€ Capital Increase

  • EyeD Pharma raises 28M € in its series A financing round
  • Inception of UniD Manufacturing, sister company of EyeD Pharma, as a leader CDMO in micro-implants for sustainable release of medicinal products to valorize the capabilities of our internally developed specific production process
The year of confirmation The year of confirmation

Year 2020

The year of confirmation

  • Successful completion of TimoD’s pivotal preclinical studies
  • Positive scientific advice from Belgian (Famhp) and German (BfArM) authorities paving the way for TimoD’s FIH trial
  • Launch of the ComboD and InflammaD micro-implants projects
  • EyeD Pharma’s team has grown from 4 FTEs as of Oct 2016 to 66 FTEs

Our strategy

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EyeD Pharma aims to become a leader in the development, production and commercialization of micro-implants ensuring a controlled release of drugs in Ophthalmology to find solutions to unmet medical needs in ocular pathologies.

EyeD Pharma’s unique value proposal relies on a fully integrated approach with a technological platform and expertises allowing the development from idea to market authorization, including manufacturing.

Our product candidates are based on innovative drug delivery system, well known API’s and based on medical unmet need advised by internationally renowned key opinion leaders. Our innovative drug products are designed to ensure a full compliance of the patient while drastically reducing or even eliminating side-effects and avoiding degradation of the pathology.

Our technological platform allows several applications outside of our internal focus on ophthalmology. This includes treatments to be addressed locally in very small parts of the human body (like ear-throat-nose, oncology, neurology…), on a stand-alone basis or through dedicated partnerships.

EyeD Pharma manages the entire development process from the idea to the market including product development, non-clinical & clinical studies. Our development, clinical and commercial batches are produced on our internally developed specific production process.

Our team

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EyeD Pharma has a multidisciplinary team combining advanced expertise in chemistry, industrial process, pharmaceutical development, controlled release, regulatory affairs, preclinical, clinical, financial and business fields.

Our sales department also has a strong expertise (more than 20 years) in ophthalmic surgery.


PICT 1 Our managers have an average experience
of 18 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry
PICT 2 Team Growth
2020 vs 2019

Our news

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Our partners

Our values

Patient Driven

All our product candidates aim to enhance patient quality of life and are based on clinical unmet need identified by internationally renowned KOL’s

Patient Driven
Breakthrough Innovation

We manage all the expertise and processes, from the idea to the market

Breakthrough Innovation
Corporate Responsibility

Creation of high-quality long-term employment and significant contribution to the economic redeployment of Wallonia. Eyed’s team is today composed of 66 FTEs

Corporate Responsibility
Humanitarian Mission

Our technological platform allows to give access to long term innovative ophthalmological treatments to developing countries populations, where glaucoma is the second cause of blindness

Humanitarian Mission