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NEW Envista® IOL Preloaded!

The single-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL glistening-free. Preloaded!

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Fully Preloaded Acrylic Hydrophobic IOL

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First Bausch & Lomb’s preloaded presbyopia correcting IOL in a mono-focal version

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Our products

Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery

Bausch & Lomb has the complete range of products for your cataract surgery needs including the Stellaris Elite™, a comprehensive IOL platform, viscolelastics, instrumentation and the Victus® Femtosecond Laser Platform.

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Retinal Surgery Retinal Surgery Retinal Surgery
Retinal Surgery

Bausch & Lomb’s Retina portfolio includes the Stellaris Elite™, the fully integrated complete, combined system with the integrated 532 nm laser, advanced illumination, laser probes and extensive range of reusable and single use instruments.

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Laser/Refractive Surgery Laser/Refractive Surgery Laser/Refractive Surgery
Laser/Refractive Surgery

The refractive platforms provide smart technology and ease of use with the Technolas Teneo™ 317 Model 2 Excimer Laser, whilst the Lasik Flaps can be performed on the Victus® Femtosecond laser platform.

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Bausch & Lomb

bausch-lomb_post bausch-lomb_post bausch-lomb_post bausch-lomb_post

Bausch & Lomb is the world's number 2 for cataract surgery equipments and number 3 worldwide for posterior segment (retina) surgery.

EyeD Pharma is the exclusive Bausch & Lomb’s Surgical Division Distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg: B&L provides the tools and technologies to enable the use of the innovative techniques for the treatment of cataract, corneal, refractive, vitreous and retinal eye conditions (disposables, machines, instrumentation and custom packs).

This includes intra-ocular lenses and delivery systems, phacoemulsification equipment, and other surgical instruments and devices.

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Our news

29/03/2021 Distribution

EyeD further automates its services

To better serve our customers, we decided to further automate our inventory...


05/02/2021 Distribution

EyeD Pharma keep a stock of IOLs to be delivered within 24h

Eyed Pharma keeps a large stock of several models of Intra Ocular Lens (IOLs)...


Our strategy

our-strategy_post our-strategy_post our-strategy_post

EyeD Pharma Distribution intends to supply a wide qualitative range of medical devices for the Ophthalmological surgeons.

Thanks to a drastic selection of products and suppliers, we ensure to our customers a wide and innovative choice in all surgical segments. Based on our large experience, we provide technical information, advices, training and services.

Our goal is to become a solid partner for the professionals helping them to deliver the best to their patients.

Together we participate to improve the quality of life of their patients.

Our team

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EyeD Pharma aims to provide physicians with a broad range of high-quality products to guarantee and improve their surgical practice through local and rapid logistic channels with a focused and dedicated Customer Service. We offer the flexibility of a small structure together with the strength of a global leader’s product portfolio in Ophthalmology.

EyeD Pharma has a multidisciplinary team combining a highly experienced sales team (more than 20 years in ophthalmic surgery) and junior, motivated team members; together we intend to deliver a high quality of service at each step for the customer.


Distri_GraphicTeam_01.svg Average years of experience
in sales of ophthalmic products
Distri_GraphicTeam_02.svg Average years of experience
in the medical/pharma business


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Our offices and warehouses are located in the GIGA Entreprise Espace 1 building. This emblematic building is located next to the University Hospital of Liège.

Our most critical medical devices are stored in 3 different warehouses.

The others are sent directly to our customers from the Bausch & Lomb logistics center in Schiphol (Netherlands). We also have offices in Ghent where our sales team can meet and work.

GIGA Enteprise 1
Avenue Hippocrate, 5 - 4000 Liège
BELGIUM - see picture

Bausch & Lomb Ops
Postbus 75774, 1118 ZX Schipol

Spaces Zuiderpoort Ghent
Esplanade Building
Gaston Crommenlaan, 8 - 9050 Ghent

Our values

Patient Driven

All our product candidates aim to enhance patient quality of life and are based on clinical unmet need identified by internationally renowned KOL’s

Patient Driven
Breakthrough Innovation

We manage all the expertise and processes, from the idea to the market

Breakthrough Innovation
Corporate Responsibility

Creation of high-quality long-term employment and significant contribution to the economic redeployment of Wallonia. Eyed’s team is today composed of 66 FTEs

Corporate Responsibility
Humanitarian Mission

Our technological platform allows to give access to long term innovative ophthalmological treatments to developing countries populations, where glaucoma is the second cause of blindness

Humanitarian Mission