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Jobs Opportunities

14/09/2021 Innovation

Medical & Scientific Writer (M/F)

To support its development, the Medical Affairs Department within EyeD Pharma is hiring a Medical & Scientific Writer.


01/09/2021 Innovation

Nonclinical Development Specialist (M/F)

To support its development, EyeD Pharma is hiring a Nonclinical Development Specialist.


03/08/2021 About Us

Business Developer (M/F)

To support its development, EyeD Pharma is hiring a BUSINESS DEVELOPER.


03/08/2021 Innovation

Clinical Quality and Compliance Specialist (M/F)

To support its development, EyeD Pharma is hiring a Clinical Quality and Compliance Specialist.


12/07/2021 Manufacturing

Head of Manufacturing (H/F)

To support its development, UniD Manufacturing is hiring a Head of Manufacturing


12/07/2021 Innovation

Clinical Trial Assistant (H/F)

To support its development, EyeD Pharma is hiring a Clinical Trial Assistant


09/04/2021 Manufacturing

Production Team Leader (H/F)

Le (La) Production Team Leader doit s’assurer du bon déroulement des activités opérationnelles du département de production dans le respect des exigences EHS, qualité et financières.


Our Internal values

Team Spirit
Team Spirit

I share useful information with my colleagues.
I share my skills and expertise to build a strong team.
I’m convinced that "Alone we go faster, together we go further!".
I seek solutions to problems with my colleagues rather than alone in my corner.
I feel completely involved in the project of our company, together we will move it forward!
I am constructive and I make proposals that meet the requirements of other departments.


I am discreet and I keep the confidentiality of the information shared with me.
I believe in the company and its projects.
I am a good ambassador for my company.
I respect the rules of ethics and the legislation in force in my activity.
I respect my work environment.
I am honest and I respect everything that is owned by the company.


I express my appreciation and recognize the quality of the work done.
For me, the human aspect is as important in work as productivity.
I keep my promises and commitments.
I warmly welcome the new colleagues.
I listen and give positive feedback.
I ensure that everyone is treated with respect.

Our values

Patient Driven

All our product candidates aim to enhance patient quality of life and are based on clinical unmet need identified by internationally renowned KOL’s

Patient Driven
Breakthrough Innovation

We manage all the expertise and processes, from the idea to the market

Breakthrough Innovation
Corporate Responsibility

Creation of high-quality long-term employment and significant contribution to the economic redeployment of Wallonia. Eyed’s team is today composed of 66 FTEs

Corporate Responsibility
Humanitarian Mission

Our technological platform allows to give access to long term innovative ophthalmological treatments to developing countries populations, where glaucoma is the second cause of blindness

Humanitarian Mission