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TimoD TimoD TimoD
  • A non-biodegradable intra-ocular implant delivering precise controlled dose of timolol in the eye.

  • Aimed to:
    • Reduce intra-ocular pressure and treat adult patients with primary open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.
    • Strongly increase patient compliance and lower patient burden of daily medicating by removing undesirable side effects tied to the drug.

  • Designed for minimum 2 years duration approval.

  • Single intra-ocular implant in the shape of a flexible ring.

  • Delivery of drugs close to action site provides an impressive reduction of dose and side effects (no drug systemic passage) compared to eye drops.

  • Implantation:
    • With a specific injector (preloaded).
    • Minimally invasive surgery mimicked on a cataract surgery (possible at the same time).
    • Duration: 15 minutes in a one-day clinic visit.

  • Development phase: early clinical stage (FIH planned Q4 2021)

  • Preclinical phase results:
    • Absence of timolol in blood (so no systemic side effects).
    • Local release at the site of action.
    • GLP safety study of 6 months showed excellent implant tolerance.
    • Design and composition defined for Phase I.

  • Next step: First in human planned end 2021.

Development Stage

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Our values

Patient Driven

All our product candidates aim to enhance patient quality of life and are based on clinical unmet need identified by internationally renowned KOL’s

Patient Driven
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Breakthrough Innovation
Corporate Responsibility

Creation of high-quality long-term employment and significant contribution to the economic redeployment of Wallonia. Eyed’s team is today composed of 66 FTEs

Corporate Responsibility
Humanitarian Mission

Our technological platform allows to give access to long term innovative ophthalmological treatments to developing countries populations, where glaucoma is the second cause of blindness

Humanitarian Mission